Official GATSBY Wax RSA site

Great news GATSBY’s official RSA site, launched last year, and is filled with tons of information about the popular Japanese hair wax. Site highlights include awesome hair styling tips and videos.!

Check it out for yourself!



GATSBY Wax Display in South African store

GATSBY hair wax is highly popular in Japan and is available at most drug stores and even convenient stores like SPAR and Pick n Pay.

Here’s what a typical GATSBY wax display looks like in one of our distributers stores.


Official GATSBY Youtube Channel

GATSBY Japan has recently beefed up their official Youtube channel.

Recently uploaded videos include tips for all GATSBY waxes in the Moving Rubber line: Spikey Edge, Wild Shake, Air Rise, Loose Shuffle, Cool Wet, Grunge Mat, and their latest addition, Multi-Form. Each video runs about 1.5 minutes.

Click through to GATSBY’S Official Youtube Channel below!

GATSBY Channel

Sample video below:

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GATSBY Bubble Bleach Hair Color Dye

GATSBY is jumping on the latest foam hair color craze….Check out their new foam hair color for men!

Currently, 5 colors are available:

Almond Ash
Coconut Beige
Caramel Rose
Royal Latte
Antique Mocha

All foam hair dye’s promote easy application and even distribution. What do you think?

Click here to buy online!

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New GATSBY Wax Reviews

Picture of GATSBY Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Hair Wax

Read more reviews here >> GATSBY Moving Rubber Wax Spiky Edge


“Strong, with a strawberry scent, it makes spikes and holds it, but has some shine, and the spikes separate before i can seal it with hairspray”


Picture of GATSBY Moving Rubber Wild Shake Hair Wax

Read more reviews here >> GATSBY Moving Rubber Wax Wild Shake


The wax is good at making spikes on the tip of your hair, but it softens out overtime so you still need hairspray. However it won’t make spikes that stand straight up unless you have super short hair. Overall, it’s a decent product!

I would suggest using hairspray after applying the product so that the look won’t soften up. Otherwise, the wax is good for making spikes.

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Asian Hairstyles – Hair Wax Tips

See below for an English subtitled “How To Use” video for Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Wax.

Watch the rest of the videos here:

Spiky Edge
Wild Shake
Air Rise
Loose Shuffle
Cool Wet
Grunge Mat
Technical Clay

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Buy Gatsby Wax Online!

Looking to buy Gatsby wax? Click here.


Shipping to US, Canada, UK, and Australia customers at this time.

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Top Selling Gatsby Wax

Here’s a list of best selling Gatsby hair wax products:

  1. Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge (pink) Buy It Now
  2. Gatsby Moving Rubber Wild Shake (purple) Buy It Now
  3. Gatsby Moving Rubber Air Rise (green) Buy It Now
  4. Gatsby Moving Rubber Loose Shuffle (orange) Buy It Now
  5. Gatsby Moving Rubber Cool Wet (blue) Buy It Now
  6. Gatsby Moving Rubber Nuance Motion (yellow) Buy It Now

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Which Gatsby wax is right for you?

This guide will help you determine which Gatsby wax is right for you.

For short hair styles that require holding strength, Gatsby Spiky Edge works best.

Use Gatsby Wild Shake or Gatsby Air Rise for medium length hair.

Gatsby Loose Shuffle and, the newest addition to the Moving Rubber line, Gatsby Nuance Motion are made for longer hair.

If you are looking for the wet-look, go with Gatsby Cool Wet wax.

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Where to buy Gatsby wax in the US?

If you are in a major metropolitan area, Gatsby hair wax products can be found at most japanese and korean supermarkets.

Here’s a list of Gatsby wax retailers in the US:
Jas Mart
Sunrise Mart
99 Ranch Market (not all locations)

If these markets are not readily available in your area, you can order from our online store.

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New GATSBY Moving Rubber Multi-Form (Brown) Hair Wax

Exciting news in GATSBY land!  Mandom GATSBY has recently released a new hair wax to its wildly popular Moving Rubber series hair wax!

GATSBY Moving Rubber Multi-Form Hair Wax

“Multi Form” creates a wet texture for your hair, has high glossiness, and is suitable for short-medium to long hair.

Are you one of the first people to try out this new wax?  Leave a comment!



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GATSBY Moving Rubber Nuance Motion (Yellow) discontinued in Japan

Are you a GATSBY Moving Rubber Nuance Motion user?  Get ready to stock up from any retailers who carry it!  It appears from GATSBY Japan’s official site ( that Mandom is pulling the Nuance Motion hair wax from it’s Moving Rubber line.

GATSBY Moving Rubber Nuance Motion Hair Wax Yellow

GATSBY Moving Rubber Nuance discontinued

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Gatsby Moving Rubber Grunge Mat

Picture of Gatsby Moving Rubber Grunge Mat

Creates a natural look with a mat (matte) finish. Contains Moving Rubber that creates resilient finish and makes it possible to restyle as many times as you want. Contains newly developed ” smooth polymer” that creates a less sticky and light finish. Mild green apple fragrance,does not remain. Take a small quantity onto palm and spread out well before blending into ends or other parts where you want to create movement.


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GATSBY Moving Mist

Mandom introduced GATSBY Moving Mist in 2010. GATSBY Moving Mist is a spray on hair wax, similar to its counterpart, the Shiseido Uno Fog Bar. GATSBY Moving Mist is great for people who want to a lightweight hair styling product.

Picture of GATSBY Moving Mist Crush Move Hair WaxPicture of GATSBY Moving Mist Cool Motion Hair WaxPicture of GATSBY Moving Mist Swing Master Hair Wax

See GATSBY Moving Mist in action below:

Crush Move

Cool Motion

Swing Master

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