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“Best alternative to gatsby? Best cheap-ish hair spray?”

So, I’m trying to achieve a more Asian/anime hair style and need some Hair Wax to style my hair, but they don’t sell Gatsby in the US. I can’t be bothered to go to a hair salon so it needs to be sold in Walgreens/Walmart. Also I don’t want it to cost me like 30$. So what’s the best hair wax alternative to Gatsby in the us? I’m looking for the maximum possible hold for mediumish-longish male hair hair.

Oh and hairspray, cheap hairspray lol. Recommend me some

Thanks everyone ^ _ ^

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Answer: You can buy Gatsby hair products on GATSBY Wax store and it won't cost you $30!

“I want to buy Gatsby from internet?”

I wanna buy Gatsby wax, I want to buy from internet since where I live, Gatsby don’t exist. I found a site “” is that site reliable or do you have any suggestions?

Answer: You can purchase Gatsby products on our GATSBY Wax store.

“Is gatsby wax only for guys?”

Can girls use it too (I have short hair like a guy) does it smell masculine??? Is the green one a nice look, saw a couple things about that one and I like it the most, doesn’t look to…spiky…

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Answer: Gatsby hair wax is marketed for men, but women can, and do, use it too. You might also want to check out Lucido L wax line is made for women.

“Which Gatsby Wax to use?”

Which wax would i use if i want it to be like a gel. i need it to be strong. The reason why i need a wax is because i dont want it to melt in the sun when i sweat. however i still want it to look like gel.

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Answer: Gatsby Moving Rubber Cool Wet might work best in your situation if you want that shiny gel look.

Buying online from china! Please Help?

ok i want to order some gatsby hair wax on ebay but it says that they ship directly from Hong Kong.. i know all chinese S H I T is fake.. but what kind of risk will i be talking by ordering this

Answer: Mandom markets Gatsby wax products in China, Korea, and Japan; however, the original Gatsby hair wax comes from Japan.

“Where can i by Gatsby wax in L.A.?”

Gatsby is for your hair, to style it. i want to get it without going online.

Answer: You can buy Gatsy wax at Marukai market in Little Tokyo.